Bullet Proof Vest Art- Malcolm X- Black Lives Matter

I was just commissioned for an interesting project.  I am painting a bullet proof vest that will be used in a fashion show in Los Angeles.  The details of the show have not been revealed to me just yet, but I am excited to be the painter on this project as I have not had a commission like this before.  

The fabric is definitely harder to work with and it absorbs a lot of paint.  I have primed the material with Black Gesso (thank you Bob Ross) and that will make the material much easier to paint on.  

I am painting Malcolm X- with a line that reads "Black Lives Matter".  Here are a few shots of the progress as I add the layers to this painting...Malcolm X- Layer 2Malcolm X- Layer 3Malcolm X- Layer 4Malcolm X- Layer 5Malcolm X- CompleteMalcolm X- Close Up Complete

The Last image is the close up of the completed piece.  It was such a fun commission and I was so grateful to get to work on such a fun project.  I had a couple of offers for it on the way to delivery... it wasn't mine to sell, but I can see more bullet proof vest commissions in my future...


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