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I have been into Feng Shui for about twenty five years now, and while I am not a professional Feng Shui consultant, I have independently studied Feng Shui and practiced this art in my home, office, and studio.  I have also helped many friends with their space with wonderful results.  I have naturally had a bit of a tuning fork with regard to spaces and the flow of energy and am passionate about sharing ways for you to benefit and get very connected to your own space to maximize your potential in life.  I will begin with the basics.  There are many variations of Feng Shui, so this is not the only way and other cultures may have contradicting ways.  I have seen many styles and beliefs around Feng Shui, but ultimately, these suggestions are what worked for myself and others and it’s up to you to personalize your space and take the suggestions you like to see how they work for you!

I would love it if you would share your stories with me as I have had many fun and interesting things happen immediately after enhancing certain areas of my home.  I will share some fun stories with you in future blogs as we get a bit more specific on the areas. 

In this first lesson, I will cover some of the basics about the Bagua and how to apply this map to your own pace.

The Bagua is the map of energy in your home that is divided into 9 parts. (See Image below)


Feng Shui Magic by Sharmaine Rayner
Feng Shui (For Beginners) by Sharmaine Rayner

In order to read this map and apply it to your home, begin by pacing the entrance to your home in the middle of the black Career area of the chart above.  Here is a basic description of each are and we will go into how to enhance and optimize each of these areas for a smoother flow of energy in your home, office, or studio!  The Bagua can also be applied in the same way for each individual room by placing the Bagua map at the entrance of the room in the middle of the Career area. 

Each one of these areas also has a corresponding number.  I will list the areas by number below:

CAREER: The number for this area is IS 1. The color is BLACK.  The element is WATER.  The location is NORTH or FRONT DOOR.  Optimizing this area of your home will enhance your career and life path.

RELATIONSHIPS: The number for this area is 2.  The colors are RED, PINK, AND WHITE.  The element is EARTH.  The location is SOUTH WEST or REAR RIGHT.  This area of your home will enhance the relationships of the members of the home.  If you would like to enhance your personal, romantic, business, or casual relationships, then optimizing this area will help to bring harmony and love to your relationships.

FAMILY: The number for this area is 3. The color is GREEN. The element is WOOD.  The location is EAST or MIDDLE LEFT.  Optimizing this area will not only create a better family relationship, but can also improve your day to day finances.

WEALTH & PROSPERITY: The number for this area is 4. The colors are PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD, and RED.  The element is WOOD.  The location is SOUTH EAST or REAR LEFT. To increase and maintain your wealth, receive lump sums of money, and create abundance in your home, optimize this are as well as the Family area of your home.

HEALTH: The number for this area is 5.  The colors are YELLOW, ORANGE, AND EARTH TONES.  The element is: EARTH.  The location is CENTER.  To maintain your mental and physical health, optimize this area.

TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE: The number for this area is 6.  The colors are WHITE, GREY, BLACK, SILVER, GOLD.  The element is METAL.  The location is NORTH WEST or FRONT RIGHT.  Optimizing this area will bring about helpful people in your life and open up opportunities for travel.  This area can also remind you of the helpful people that are all around you that you may not even acknowledge!

CREATIVITY & CHILDREN: The number for this area is 7. The color is WHITE.  The element is METAL.  The location is WEST or MIDDLE RIGHT.  Enhance creative abilities and fertility by optimizing this area.

SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE: The number for this area is 8.  The colors are BLUE, GREEN, and BLACK.   The element is EARTH. The location is SOUTH WEST or FRONT LEFT.  Boosting this area will inspire learning, your spiritual growth, and your skills.  Enhancing this area the right way can help you to make the right choices and decisions with wisdom.

FAME & REPUTATION:  The number for this area is 9. The color is RED. The element is FIRE. The location is SOUTH or the REAR MIDDLE.  This area of your home will enhance the fame and reputation of the members of the home.  If you would like to get recognition, have a positive reputation, get further in your career, be recognized for your talent, hard work, and character, then you will want to optimize this area to give you the boost you desire.

Heather Melcer has a great a simple video that shows you how to quickly put this map over your home and gives a bit more insight for homes that are not just a square box.  Here is the video to give you some more insight:

In the following blog posts, I will isolate each area and show you ways of applying well known cures and enhancements for every area of your life.  You would be amazed at how magically life can flow when your space supports your desired lifestyle. 

Thank you for reading this blog!  I hope that you enjoy this valuable information and will join me for future blogs on Feng Shui. 


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