Meet The Artist

About the Artist: Sharmaine Rayner

Greetings and welcome to my world of art and healing. I am Sharmaine Rayner, a passionate artist, coach, and believer in the profound transformative power of creativity. My journey through life has been one of constant exploration and growth, deeply intertwined with the arts since my early years. It is this lifelong connection to artistic expression that has guided me through moments of heartbreak, leading me to embrace my role as both an artist and a healing guide.

Background in Performing Arts:
From the very beginning, I found solace and inspiration in the world of performing arts. As a young child, I was drawn to the stage, where I could channel my emotions and imagination into captivating performances. These early experiences nurtured my love for creative expression and provided the foundation upon which I would build my artistic journey.

A Journey of Transformation:
In 2013, life presented me with a formidable challenge - a separation from my husband that laid bare existing wounds and brought forth a tidal wave of pain. This was not my first encounter with the healing power of art; my background in performing arts had already acquainted me with the cathartic release that creative expression can offer. As I navigated the depths of despair, I turned to art once more, seeking solace and renewal.  Under the insightful guidance of a therapist, I discovered the profound therapeutic potential of visual arts. The therapist's recognition of my artistic ability, combined with my extensive background in performing arts, ignited a revelation: art could be my conduit to healing. My canvases and sketchbooks became sacred spaces where I could channel my emotions, confront my pain, and ultimately find restoration.

Empowerment Through Creativity:
The act of creating became more than just a pastime; it became my lifeline. Through each brushstroke and pencil mark, I found a way to rebuild my shattered vision for the future. Art empowered me to reclaim my narrative, transforming me from a person marked by heartache to a resilient artist with a voice that resonates with others who have experienced similar journeys.

Guiding Others to Healing:
My personal transformation was only the beginning. The healing I found in art inspired me to become a guiding light for others seeking their paths to recovery. With my background in performing arts and my deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of creativity, I stepped into the role of a coach, helping others harness the power of art to navigate their own healing journeys.

My life's journey has been a symphony of experiences, guided by a passion for artistic expression. From my earliest encounters with performing arts to my current roles as an artist and coach, creativity has been my compass, guiding me through trials and triumphs alike. As you explore my portfolio and engage with my artistic creations, I invite you to embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment, where art becomes a transformative force for you, just as it has been for me.