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Feng Shui Magic by Sharmaine Rayner

WEALTH & PROSPERITY: The number for this area is 4. The colors are PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD, and RED.  The element is WOOD.  The location is SOUTH EAST or REAR LEFT. To increase and maintain your wealth, receive lump sums of money, and create abundance in your home, optimize this are as well as the Family area of your home.

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"Ovation" Hollywood- Showtime

At the peak of this fun and excitement, the night really got fun.  A total stranger approached me and asked me if I was the artist.  “Yes”, I responded.  He turned to the painting of Mr. Bean on the display and simply said “May I buy this?”.  To which I again responded by saying “Yes”.  He pulled out his card and paid for Mr. Bean then came back to pick it up before leaving for the night.  I think that the reactions of everyone who witnessed it was probably the highlight beyond selling the piece for the night, but then more friends arrived… the arial artists were performing and the night turned into a fantasy.  The fashion show was really professional and I really enjoyed the local...

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I am very excited to announce that I am being featured in the Raw Artist Showcase "Ovation" in Hollywood on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 from 6:30pm to 11:00PM!  The show is at Boulevard 3 at 6523 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.  This is a fantastic showcase with Visual Artists, Actors, Dancers, Live Music, DJ, and closing out the night with a Fashion show!  There will be an estimated 600-1000 attendees and tickets are available now (Presale) for $22 each.  Tickets at the door may be available and will be $30 on the night of the event!  You can get your tickets right here or by clicking the Ovation Image on this blog...

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Bullet Proof Vest Art- Malcolm X- Black Lives Matter

I was just commissioned for an interesting project.  I am painting a bullet proof vest that will be used in a fashion show in Los Angeles.  The details of the show have not been revealed to me just yet, but I am excited to be the painter on this project as I have not had a commission like this before.  

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