"Ovation" Hollywood- Showtime!

It’s a stormy morning here in Los Angeles today.  It adds a very interesting energy to the day because tonight is Ovation by RAW Artists and I am being featured in it.  I have sold tickets and I have folks who are committed to being at this show and I wonder how this weather is going to affect the turnout, the actual transportation, traffic, and timing of getting my art set up on time.  It’s all very exciting.  I already wrapped up all of my art with extra layers of plastic and the rain slowed to a drizzle so I seized the opportunity to pack up my vehicle before it starts  pouring again.  I’m showered and dolled up and ready to go pick up my best friend whom I have hired to assist me in setting up and taking down my art before and after the show.

I get to her house and again a window of sunshine amidst the rain, adding to the excitement and magic of the day, so we jump in the car and head into Hollywood with an organized and well thought out loading plan.  We get amazing help from the crew at RAW and my exhibition are is set up within 30 mins.  We grab lunch and hang out in the venue meeting other artist and viewing amazing art and merchandise.  

The fun really began with the dress rehearsal of the actors, singers, dancers, and fashion show.  The experience took me back to when I was in the performing arts and what showtime felt like.  Dress rehearsals, the backstage excitement, nervous tension, and bonding of artists of all types.  At this point I am sent off to have professional headshots taken.   It begins to pour outside and starts to get cold, but now that everyone who was in the show was there, the inside of this club was hot, full of energy, and the DJ has started to set the vibe for a great night.  My area was just behind the DJ near the entrance of the club.  I have a long purple velvet couch, 4 cocktail tables, and two presentation grids.  

The doors open and in come the first group of patrons into our art gallery presentation.  I stood back to let the flow of people come by and watched as they looked at the artwork that I created.  The mixed feelings of excitement, pride, and fear all swirling around.  As I forced myself to enjoy the evening and let go of expectations and fears, I was able to see that there were lines of strangers walking by, stopping, and enjoying the art that I created and displayed here.

Ovation Hollywood- Sharmaine RaynerOvation Hollywood- Sharmaine Rayner Art


 At the same time, many of my dear supportive friends began to arrive.  It was a great experience for them as well because the nature of this show is to showcase the arts in many different ways and with many different artists.  Before I knew it, my area was full and it felt like a party.  My friends all had drinks and were mingling with each other on the purple couch.  I had over 20 friends from all walks of my life show up to support and enjoy art.  

My dear friend captured a beautiful moment with @Destinationbabe which you can see on my Instagram @SharmaineR57:

At the peak of this fun and excitement, the night really got fun.  A total stranger approached me and asked me if I was the artist.  “Yes”, I responded.  He turned to the painting of Mr. Bean on the display and simply said “May I buy this?”.  To which I again responded by saying “Yes”.  He pulled out his card and paid for Mr. Bean then came back to pick it up before leaving for the night.  I think that the reactions of everyone who witnessed it was probably the highlight beyond selling the piece for the night, but then more friends arrived… the arial artists were performing and the night turned into a fantasy.  The fashion show was really professional and I really enjoyed the local LA designers.  

I have had an experience in this show that truly inspired me and fueled my passion to continue to create art.  I have been given a tour incentive with RAW Artists and I will continue to share my experiences with you.  If you are an artist and would like to have this type of experience yourself, please feel free to send me a message and I will share the contact information with you so that you can showcase your talent. Until next time friends… thank you for reading!!!


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