Veiled Woman.
Sharmaine Rayner

Veiled Woman

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"Veiled Woman" is an original oil painting on canvas paper 12"x9".  

Many believe that women in certain cultures or religions were forced to wear veils and head coverings as a means of repression in predominantly patriarchal societies.  This is a great misunderstanding.  Women in these cultures, religions, or societies wear a veil by choice.  Women wore the veil to distinguish themselves from slaves and unchaste women.  It was a symbol of high status and respectability.  I painted the Veiled woman, because what I see are her eyes.  I believe that a woman has a choice to express herself and her power in any way she chooses.  In this painting, the woman's eyes are the only part of her that is completely revealed.  Her eyes hold power, strength, mystery, and beauty.  It makes you wonder who she is and what she holds inside.  The eyes are the window to the soul.  When I painted this several years ago, the perception was very different.  Right now, people all over the world are "veiled" and masked up.

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