Embracing Art as a Path to Healing and Coaching: My Journey of Transformation

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In 2013, my life took a drastic turn. The separation from my husband plunged me into a realm of heartbreak and trauma, intensifying the pain of existing wounds. I found myself struggling to cope, resorting to alcohol as a temporary escape. Even though the label of "alcoholic" didn't quite fit, I knew I needed an alternative approach to healing. Little did I know that a single encounter with an insightful therapist would set me on a life-changing journey of healing and transformation, leading me not only to become a professional artist but also a coach, helping others find their healing through art.

Navigating Despair and the Quest for Healing:
The anguish I felt was overwhelming, the pain of past trauma and the fresh wounds of heartbreak intertwining. As I grappled for relief, I turned to alcohol, a short-lived distraction. But I wasn't convinced that the label "alcoholic" defined me, so I embarked on a search for a more resonant healing path.  I knew that I was being destructive to myself and causing pain and frustration to the people who cared about me.  I was destroying relationships and was spiraling out of control.
My sessions with an insightful therapist marked a turning point. My therapist, having seen a drawing I had created, saw potential in my artistic expression. This realization sowed the seeds of an idea that would change the trajectory of my life: using art as a vessel for healing.
Art emerged as my sanctuary. The act of creating allowed me to channel my emotions into tangible forms. As I put brush to canvas and pencil to paper, I discovered the therapeutic power of self-expression, providing a safe outlet to confront my pain.
I immersed myself in artistic exploration. Each stroke of paint or line I drew helped me regain a sense of purpose and direction. Through the act of creation, I slowly pieced together fragments of my shattered vision for the future.

Art Unlocks Healing Potential:
The therapeutic potential of art is well-documented, engaging the mind's intricate facets to process emotions and trauma. My artistic endeavors became a conduit for untangling complex feelings. With each piece I created, I found myself inching closer to healing.
Art became my catalyst for rewriting my story. It transformed me from a person drowning in anguish to an empowered and resilient artist who found her voice. My creations narrated my journey, resonating with others who saw their own struggles reflected in my art.  I sought to create art that was beautiful, fun, and in line with the way I wanted to feel.

 From Healing to Guiding:
As my passion for art evolved, so did my career. I decided to create a website and to share the art I created with others.  It took about 4 hours to create the website. I had a few drawings, some photographs I had taken, and pictures of a few pieces of jewelry I had made and put it out there for the world to see.  Within a week, I received my first commission.  I was shocked to say the least.  I was asked to make a larger version of the belly dancer I had drawn.  The client asked me a price and I honestly had no idea what to charge and was told by my friends that I charged too little.  I just wanted to make sure that I could do it again.  And I did.  A few days later, I had my next commission, this time for an oil painting. and so it went, that I was now a working artist and I began to sell pieces at art Exhibitions and to get more commissions.  My creations resonated deeply, bridging connections with audiences.  I did this for several years, until 2020 when the world was shut down for the pandemic.  At his point, I didn't have the physical space I needed to paint canvases, 4 of my exhibitions were cancelled, and I was living with my mom as we bound together to weather the storm of the unknown of what was happening in the world.  

I knew that art was my saving grace when I went through the storms of divorce and alcohol abuse, so I knew that it could keep my mind healthy and my spirit strong if I continued to create in the face of this uncertainty that we all faced.  I began to create resin art, gemstone jewelry, and digital art and launched a company named Born Mystics, where I could sell the items I made.  This small business, born during a time of global crisis, is now a growing business that brings joy to myself and my customers.  

Which brings us to 2023.  Not content with personal transformation alone, I embraced coaching to help others discover their own healing through creative practices.  My journey stands as a testament to art's remarkable healing power. In the face of heartbreak, I uncovered the potency of creativity to facilitate transformation. Embracing my artistic talents not only led me to personal healing but also paved the way for my career as an artist and coach. My story illustrates that even amidst life's hardships, we possess the ability to craft something beautiful and meaningful. This journey continues as I empower others to embark on their healing journeys, armed with the transformative potential of art.  I am not a licensed therapist, and do not intend to attempt to replace one or imitate one.  I have become certified because I wanted to see the practical applications and learn exercises in the field that I can apply in my own life as well as share with others. I'm a human being who gained a great deal of healing and can show you how I did it so that you too can find your new vision for your life.  If by sharing my journey I can lead someone who is hurting or suffering to feeling better, or even help guide them to art therapy with a licensed, professional art therapist, then I know that I am giving to others the same opportunity I was given to live a full and happy life.    


If you can relate in any way and want to have a conversation, please contact me, comment on this blog, or share it with anyone that you know who is going through the same pain.  We have so many wonderful tools in our time to connect with other people, that no one has to go at it alone.


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